​Contemplating ​Egg Donation
​Support, next steps and reflection

​3-Month Online Support ​Group for anyone ​contemplating egg donation, adoption or embryo donation. 


Deciding whether to ​use an egg donor or adopt?

​In the process of using donor eggs and want more support? 

When your doctor first mentions the use of donor eggs or adoption, it can be devastating. Letting go of a genetic link to your child can feel catastrophic. Not only do you need to mourn the lack of a genetic connection but you need to understand and process options. It can be hard to find someone who truly understands what you are going through and even harder to face into the painful emotions in order to consider options.

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    ​Will I bond with my baby if I don't share a genetic link?
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    ​What are the options and how much do they cost?
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    ​What will I tell my child about their origins?
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    What will family and friends think?
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    ​Should I continue trying fertility treatments or ​move to egg donation?

​Looking back, if I'd had someone who had walked this path before me and understood the decisions I faced and the emotional wrangling that comes with reimagining motherhood, I would have saved myself so much time and heartache.

Today? I’d love to be that guide for you.

Move from indecision, doubt and anxiety to ​CLARITY

​CONFIDENTLY make the right choice for you 

Feel ​SUPPORTED as you begin your journey

The ​Embodied Clarity Approach

The Embodied Clarity Approach gives voice to the head, heart and gut, while cultivating presence and clarity. The result is an ability to tune out the confusion and ​tap into your deepest desires and tools to help you reground and center. When anxiety arises, trying to cloud your path, you'll know how to return to clarity. 

​The tools and techniques you will learn will serve you not only as you navigate the choice to become a mother, but throughout all aspects of your life going forward.

I developed The Embodied Clarity Approach through my ​12 years of somatic study in mind/body and meditation techniques, 10 years as a life coach, several years as a lawyer and a keen interest in patient’s rights and maternal health. ​

​Get everything you need to confidently make the right choice ​and ​feel suppo​rted as you begin ​your journey.

confidently decide

​Stop ​Ruminating and ​Confidently Decide 

​Stabilize in your deepest knowing and intuition so you can make a plan and move forward with confidence. ​

self reflection

​Face Your Fears and Doubts

Process your concerns and doubts rather than avoiding them. Get new insights and perspectives that can help you resolve your concerns and move forward.

network of support

Develop A Powerful Support Network

​Journey together with a group of women facing the same issues. Share resources as well as updates along the way. Many women report that the friendships they made during this process stick with them for years to come.

decide quickly

​Shortcut The Decision Process

​Move through your doubts and concerns with pointed reflection, discussion with others and support. ​Plus, tons of the research is done for you saving you time and energy.

​Together WeWill

  • Explore your concerns, limiting beliefs, and assumptions.
  • Understand your emotional hooks: what does giving up on a genetic connection mean to you? How can you release that to move forward?
  • Explore, when to give up on using ​your own eggs and when to move on.
  • Cover options for egg donation: fresh or frozen eggs, vs embryo adoption etc
  • ​Discuss options for adoption and fostering
  • Rewrite your narrative around motherhood and ​a genetic connection
  • Discuss logistics ​​of getting pregnant or adopting

What You Get

​JOurnal Prompts and exercises

​Each week I will provide journal prompts and exercises to help you move through the common road blocks I've seen women face. We journey through giving up a genetic connection to your child, dealing with the reaction of others, gathering support, weathering emotional ups and downs of trying to conceive, and more. 

group support

​Support Group Calls

​​Group calls ​for emotional support and guidance as you ​explore your concerns and process.  It's a time to admit what you may not be able to admit to others and receive the compassion of a group of women struggling with the same concerns. All calls will be recorded so you can listen later if you are unable to attend.

Calls will be scheduled every other week. If there is a need from time to time for more calls, we will add 1-2 extra calls. 

single woman online support

​Online Community

​Connect with everyone in the group anytime day or night. Continue the conversation, share resources, updates and support. Create lasting friendships. 

What Others Say


"Sarah stands as a woman of grace and true warriorship.  She has walked the path and offers wise, kind service to other women just venturing or needing a hand on their way. Her intelligence matches her compassion, a mixture of grace and clarity that can midwife women to their true calling!"


Sarah is a fantastic resource! I've been considering having a child on my own, as a single mom, for some time now, and Sarah is offering a much-needed service to help guide women through this process. There are so many choices involved in this journey, from the medical options, to how to set your life up to care for a child, to the emotional issues.  Sarah is a treasure trove of information.


​It's really wonderful to have a knowledgeable, kind, supportive person like Sarah, with personal experience going through this process, as a coach and guide.

sarah kowalski, fertility doula

Sarah Kowalski​​

​I inspire women to redefine what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood. Much like a birth doula who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth, I am your guide, confidant, sounding board, mentor, emotional rock, and research partner as you navigate becoming and being a mother.

I recently published a memoir, Motherhood Reimagined: When Becoming A Mother Doesn't Go As Planned, chronically my journey to motherhood.


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